June 13, 2024
Make Magic Flute Mallets
When playing the bell excerpt from Mozart's Magic Flute you'll need some special mallets commonly referred to as 'Magic Flute mallets'.  These usually run about $20 - 30 and can be purchased from percussion stores such as Steve Weiss.

Purchase Magic Flute Mallets

Many percussion students are already on a tight budget and sometimes this can seem like an unnecessary purchase. Here's a possible solution to help save money and still have to right mallet.


  • Wire cutters, wire snips, or even scissors
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • 3/16 wooden dowel
  • #10 - 16 brass nuts

 Cut the dowel to 12 inch length

Screw two bolts onto the wooden dowel. You can also use a thinner dowel but you need to thicken the diameter of the dowel. This can be done by wrapping masking tape around the dowel.

Cost of purchased mallets = $30.00
Cost of made mallets = $2.00
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