July 20, 2024
Welcome to the site of Tony Edwards, percussionist, educator, and founder and creator of artistry of music. This site was not just created for my own personal use but also to revolutionize teaching. The site is used by students both private and at the University of Texas.  Over the years I've created tons a teaching resources and got tired of having to make copies so I decided to make it easier. Putting them online made it easier for students but also made them open to just anyone so I created a way to make them available to ONLY to my students. Each student has their own private page that I can keep notes and gain access to the resources.  After a couple of years I then found a unique way of creating online curriculums - sort of books but web based.  My students loved it!  

If you're a percussion student or educator and would like some of the resources on this site just click the  join  button found at the upper right hand corner.


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